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Beautiful and functional design and development for businesses and brands nationwide

Our aim at Buddy is simple.
Do great work. Be great to work with.
professional. reliable. friendly.

What We Do

Our aim is to serve as a partner and teammate in creating an outstanding brand and online experience for you and your target audiences. Your online presence should look great and work seamlessly. We try to make the design and development process as simple and pain-free as possible to deliver great results that we all can be proud of.

Web Design

Creating an aesthetic and user experience that’s beautiful and intuitive

Web Development

Building websites that are fast, reliable, and functional

Logo Design

Creating an iconic graphic to represent your brand

Graphic Design

Creating beautiful materials such as brochures, presentations, and stationary


Developing an appealing and cohesive array of custom marketing assets

Web Content Writing

Creating valuable content that also drives search engine rankings


Building a customer base and driving revenue online


Creating a platform for you to regularly update your target audience online

Web design we can all be proud of

See Our Work

Buddy has worked with businesses and brands across the US from a vast array of industries. The common thread is a highly functional online presence with a clean, modern, and beautiful aesthetic.

Graphic Design
We offer graphic design services in Michigan.
Scott Daigger, Founder of Buddy Web Design & Development.

About Buddy

At Buddy, our aim is simple: to do great work, and to be great to work with. Reputation and integrity are more crucial than ever, and while we’re all still just human beings, at Buddy we take these things seriously. We’ve created a team of some of the best and most talented people across the country to help create outstanding work for our clients, and make the experience as enjoyable and pain-free as possible.

If you think Buddy might be able to help you out, please get in touch. To maintain our reputation for quality work, we never take on projects that we don’t feel confident that we can knock out of the park. So, if we can’t do that, we’ll be very transparent and let you know.

If you’ve got a project in mind, or just want to chat and explore options, get in touch. No obligation, no pressure. We’re very happy to listen and see if we can be a resource for you.

From the Founder, Scott Daigger
Buddy Web Design & Development

Let’s Work Together

Let’s partner to turn your ideas into reality and build something great together.