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Buddy is striving to build a cohesive and high-functioning team of some of the best and brightest — and best to work with — individuals across the US.

Let’s be frank. There are a lot of web developers and agencies across the country. Buddy’s aim is to differentiate and stand apart by delivering top-notch design and development services, with impeccable customer service, and a client relationship based on professionalism, trust, integrity, and being incredibly easy to work with.

In order to deliver on this aim, we have similar goals and values for our Buddy team. While we’re all just human, and no one’s perfect, we try really hard to do an outstanding job, be good to work with, operate with respect and integrity, and also be laid back and have fun to the greatest extent we can.

At a business like Buddy, we’ve all been in situations, such as college or wherever, where you’ve got a lot on your plate, and no one’s holding your hand, telling you when or where to get your work done, etc. So, we operate the same way as much as we can, to do great work while having as much freedom and flexibility as possible. We work remotely from our homes across the country, at schedules that work for us — other than needing to schedule meetings amongst ourselves and with clients, of course. We try to focus on performance, rather than micromanaging, as much as possible. Although, candidly, we are quite picky and have very high standards when it comes to delivering great work for clients.

To learn more about our team and what’s important to us, check out our mission, vision, and values.

If you think Buddy might be a mutual fit, please get in touch. Please note that Buddy’s a small team, but receives thousands of applications per year, so unfortunately we’re not able to follow up with every individual applicant. However, if we think there might be an opportunity, we’ll definitely let you know! Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Please check out the current opportunities below to learn more and apply.

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