Who we are

Buddy's Mission, Vision, Values

Our “Why”

Because we want to show the world that you can be successful, and have a successful organization, by doing the right things: treating people well; empowering high performers to thrive; being honest, open, and collaborative; doing exceptional work; building an organization that we’re proud to be a part of.


Our vision is for Buddy to be included among the nation’s elite design and development businesses — to be known for the exceptional quality of our work; the quality of our team; being great people to work with; and operating with integrity, transparency, honesty, and decency. 


Do great work. Be great to work with.TM


The highest quality work

  • Creating work that looks amazing and functions flawlessly, with impeccable attention to detail
  • Differentiating ourselves with the quality of our work and customer experience, rather than competing on speed and price
  • Being okay passing on client work if it’s not a fit with who we are, our strengths, or values

The highest quality work environment

  • Prioritizing honesty, integrity, transparency, and decency
  • Creating a low-stress work environment for ourselves and our clients — other than the pressure we put on ourselves to do exceptional work
  • Teeing ourselves up for success (e.g. regarding workload, timelines, resources, etc.)
  • A collaborative team environment that is a safe place to share ideas, challenge each other, provide feedback, and think creatively
  • Enjoying our work and lives, balance, and flexibility
  • Having work be fun
  • Doing things in a way that we’re proud of who we are, what we do, and what we’re building together

The highest quality people

  • Working with great people, and being great people to work with
  • Being honest about what we’re good at and what we’re not
  • Pushing ourselves and each other to maximize our potential, collectively and individually

Our “True North”

As Buddy team members, Buddy is our business collectively, and while we need to be cognizant of short-term obligations and realities, we aim to make decisions that are best for the growth and viability of the business and team for the long term.

When we’re faced with a decision and we’re not sure what to do, key questions to ask are:

  • What is the best for Buddy, long-term?
  • What will help us deliver the highest quality work for our clients?
  • What will help us be the best possible company for our clients to work with?
  • What will help us be an amazing team and place to work for all Buddy team members?
  • What will help us recruit and retain the best and brightest talent to be a part of Buddy?
  • What makes the most sense for Buddy’s long-term financial viability?